June 8, 2023
New Domain

What Will You Do, For The Company Website You Are Working For, Decides To Move All The Contents To A New Domain?

Everyone hates the relocation because it involves many tasks from belonging packing, and loading to unloading. Moving the content to a new domain can be a challenging and time-consuming task. The website owner needs to take the necessary steps to make the procedure easier. You can shift the web site’s content to another hosting account with backups.

It is best to copy the site’s files from one domain to another when changing the domain of the site. If the contents and domain are in the same hosting account, you should keep the content. As a professional, you move all contents from your company website to a new domain without affecting SEO by using the following steps.

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When moving the website to a new domain, the individual must take many steps to make the procedure hassle-free. It includes:

  • Develop the plan of action and implement them properly
  • Cull the files and clean up them
  • Evaluate the structure of the website

If current web hosting is not suitable for your goal, you can move to a new domain. Many hosting companies provide a free migration service to the new client.

Create Your Files And Database Backup 

Creating the backup is essential to perform while preparing to shift the website to a new domain. You need the recent website backup when working with the website. It lets you restore the website if anything goes wrong.

There are many ways to make a backup of your websites, such as using the plugin, manual backup, and advanced tools. You can select the correct method based on how many files and databases you have. For example, if you have a large website with numerous contents, you can use the tools for copying the site.

  • Individuals with less technical skills can use plugins to make the backup of the website. However, you need some technical skills to finish the task effectively for the manual and control panel backup. Many plugins help you to perform this task without hassle.


  • If you choose a manual method, you decide which content you need to copy to a backup location. You need FTP client and Adminer tools to perform this task.


  • Most WordPress Web hosting company provides their clients access to the cPanel to deal with their website. The exciting feature of the control panel is that it allows you to create a complete backup of files, databases, emails, and others.

Transfer Files And Databases 

Also, there are several methods to transfer the content to a new domain. First, you should select the method, which fits your needs. Then, the site owner has backed up all contents and starts the transferring procedure from the old website name to the new one.

Ensure To Redirect Page 

If you have moved all contents, you should redirect the page. Those who need the traffic or customer heading to the existing website to send them automatically to a new domain can add redirection. Otherwise, visitors will notice an error like HTTP 404 page not being found when they reach your old domain. Let’s see how to add redirection:

  • Utilize file manager to connect to the existing hosting account
  • Modify the .htaccess file in a similar directory as the wp-admin folders for the visitor.
  • Now, open the .htaccess file and apply the below-given code

#Options +FollowSymLinksRewriteEngine onRewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://new-domain.com/$1 [R=301,L]

  • Change it with the new domain name

Now, the user will redirect to your new domain when they reach your existing website effortlessly.

Look For Broken Links And Fix Them 

There are possibilities to miss something when making complex changes to the URL. You should check for the broken links in different methods such as Google search console, third-party plugins, etc. You can find the dead link and fix them to get a better outcome.

Update XML Sitemap 

XML sitemap contains the pages listed on the site and how they link to one another. Use XML markup languages to create the sitemap. Besides, everyone needs to update the correct sitemap.

If you have decided to move your website to the new domain, you can hire the JDM Web Technologies. Digital marketing manager Naveen will handle this task. As a result, you can concentrate on the core business activities.

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