What Is A Pulley System And It Examples?

Double Pulley System

Definition Of A Pulley System

A wheel on an axle or shaft is known as a pulley. It is specifically designed to transfer power or make heavy movements easy with the help of a rope crossing through a wheel.

As opposed to lifting the object with your hands alone, using a pulley system makes lifting heavy objects simple. Only the applied force’s direction can be altered using a single pulley.

Types Of Pulley Systems

Fixed pulleys

The pulley is called a fixed pulley because the cord or rope can pass through it while the pulley itself is immovable and attached to a wall or ceiling. A typical type of pulley is the fixed pulley. These pulleys are linked to just one point. As a result of the pulley’s constant position, the force you apply to the side you are pulling will equal the force applied to the side you are pushing.

Movable Pulleys

Another kind of pulley is a movable one. Because the actual pulley machine will move with the weight, it varies from the fixed pulley. A moveable pulley will multiply the force the user provides to the device when working on an object since the pulley moves with the load. In contrast to the fixed pulley attached to a stationary item, these pulleys are frequently attached to the actual object. The moveable pulley is advantageous because it multiplies force on the side opposing the user, unlike the fixed pulley, which changes the direction of the object. Because less effort is required yet the force is amplified, this is suitable for bigger loads.

Compound Pulley

Systems using compound pulleys combine movable and fixed pulleys. The use of compound pulleys in these systems allows them to vary the load’s direction while also requiring less force from the operator. Your biggest loads will move most successfully with this kind of pulley system. It multiplies force most effectively.

Who Invented the Double Pulley System?

The pulley system was invented by a historian and a great Greek mathematician, “Archimedes,” in the 3rd century BC. A Greek Biographer-Plutarch testified, “Archimedes moved a three-paired vessel with 600 passengers on board to dry land using a system of compound pulleys.”

How Have Pulley Systems Made Our Lives Easier?

Pulleys are essential in various equipment and utilities in our daily life. This invention has turned our life from moving curtains to lifting and moving large types of machinery from one place to another. Simple machinery like a pulley has made our life so much easier. This blog covers real-world examples of pulley systems.

Examples Of Pulley System


It’s amazing to think about how pulleys have impacted daily living. Without pulley-enabled elevators, high-rise buildings would be impractical, of course.

If we look at some statistics and often use of pulley in our everyday life, the United States alone has 900,000 elevators. For every 344 persons, there is an elevator.

The typical elevator ride is 40 feet long (4-5 floors), and Americans take an average of four daily trips, a yearly total of nearly 18 billion trips. That is 136 million miles each year.

Gymnasiums Using Cable Machines

After years of technological advancements, every gymnasium in the United States has the types of equipment for exercise that has cable machines. While exercising, cable machines offer a smooth, jerk-free flexion and movement.

Performing exercise through cable machines benefits you for moving muscles in various motions. These cable machines also help you increase muscle strength and shape the way you load them with weight.

Multi-story Buildings Construction

Without pulleys, the construction of multi-story buildings would be impractical. Lifting construction materials from the ground floor to the upper floors is impossible without a double pulley system.

With the help of mobile, telescopic, and hydraulic cranes, the construction industry depends on pulley systems to move heavy objects weighing tons from one floor to another in extremely tall structures. MSP manufactures is a great name for the construction industry, manufacturing customized parts for builders and developers of high-rise buildings in Toronto.

Garage Doors

Including automated garage doors, pulley systems, and cable machines are used in the garage door. It helps the garage doors open smoothly and swiftly without heavy hand-bearing efforts.

The Pulley system in garage doors comprises four pulleys in it. Two stationary pulleys are positioned on the horizontal track in front of the radius track, and two pulleys with pulley forks are attached to the springs on either side of the horizontal track.


Another extensive usage of pulley systems is transporting thousands of pounds of granite blocks and other heavy machinery in vehicles with pulley systems in automobiles. You can buy sustainable and terrific pulleys from MSP Canada manufacturers. It’s an amazing name within the automotive industry, production customized parts and pulleys for greater than 300 million automobiles in Toronto.

Raise Water From Wells

Without any doubt, pulleys have been a big player behind advancements. Still, in some rural areas and villages in the USA, people raise water from wells for drinking through a pulley system on both local and large scales.


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