10 Web Design Issues That Can Hurt Your Search Engine Optimization

Web design plays a key role in today’s SEO world. Search engine ranking prefers user experience as a crucial part. As a result, the design of your website and how users interact with it have a direct impact on the rankings in search results. Thus, the organic search performance of a website is determined by more than just content, keywords, and high-quality backlinks.  Visit: clutch.co

However, if your site has structural or other technical issues, all the quality content in the world will not help your search rankings. Today’s most common technical issues that can harm your site’s search rankings include duplicate content, user experience, etc. However, as the SEO game matures and evolves, it becomes even more important to clean up site clutter. Try a web design company in UK to create your website with the appropriate design that will enable you to rank higher in search engines. 

10 Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

In this article, we will highlight a few web design company practices that may have a direct impact on the SEO performance of a site. Moreover, it also includes suggestions for how to improve further. However, you might find it a bit tricky to do it on your own. We suggest getting in touch any professional service to optimize your site without hurting SEO.  Visit: clutch.co

Duplicate Content

It is the top SEO technical concern. Duplicate content is any content that is almost similar or identical to the content on your site. The identical content could be coincidental and not intentional. 

User Experience

Have you ever visited a website and had no idea what to do next? The website is the first potential experience of the customer with your business. To provide them with a positive experience, web design company plays a vital part. Moreover, it is a key element of the search engine presence. Google makes ranking decisions based on time spent on a site, bounce rate, and click-through rate. Thus, if the users are experiencing little to no time on the site, Google will see this as a poor user experience. Visit: clutch.co

A positive user experience includes clear navigation that enables users to easily find what they are looking for. Furthermore, it includes minimal pop-ups and easy-to-read content with appropriate font and style. If the users are not achieving what they are looking for on the site, they will eventually send a signal to Google. Hence, this causes you to lose your Google ranking. Further, logo design also adds to the overall user experience if it fits well with the brand identity.

Page Performance

The thing that directly influences your SEO performance is how quickly your pages load. Google aims to provide its users with the best possible user experience. Google has been using page speed as a ranking signal for desktop searches since 2010. And since 2018, for mobile searches too. Google calculates page speed using a variety of metrics. Not only that, but users who come across a slow website are more likely to bounce away before finding what they’re searching for. Moreover, they’re also less likely to return to that website in the future.

Remove unnecessary plugins to speed up the page performance. Use compressed images and minimize redirects to speed up page load time.

Mobile Friendly

If your site is mobile-friendly, it is more likely to rank. Nowadays, most people consume content through their phones. This will outrank the other non-friendly sites. Thus, it’s worth making your site look great and function properly on mobile devices. Otherwise, visitors will click away, increasing the site’s bounce rate. You need to look at a variety of aspects of a site. It includes its design, structure, page speed, and more for mobile optimization. Some businesses might divert to a different mobile site; however, it causes problems. Such as diverting traffic from the actual URL without letting the user know.

It prioritizes a website’s mobile version for indexing and ranking. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, expect it to be virtually invisible in the SERPs.


If your site is stuffed with pop-ups, you’ll lose credibility. This leaves an impression that you’re serving them ads only when they are looking for information. Also, if the visitor sees the pop-up right away, he or she may become frustrated and leave your website. This sends a negative signal to Google that users may be dissatisfied with your website’s position on the search engine result page. If your page isn’t a perfect match for that keyword, as this negative signal suggests, Google will likely downgrade it in the SERPs. Visit: clutch.co

Reduce the use of pop-ups. If you need to promote your business through a pop-up, make sure it appears only when the user is about to leave the website.


It is essential to your website design and will have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. Online users are looking for information. They use the internet and various websites to consume information and find answers to their questions. Your website should be designed in such a way that it provides those answers in the simplest and most user-friendly manner possible. A pleasant reading experience may result in increased on-page time, a lower bounce rate, and a higher engagement rate. All of these factors (and more) eventually lead to higher search engine rankings.

Here are a few pointers to help you create an excellent reading experience on your website:

  • Avoid using dark background colours. Maintain a white and clean appearance.
  • Allow for plenty of white space.
  • Make use of large and easy-to-read font sizes.
  • Separate your content into headings, subheadings, bullet points, and so on.
  • Use shorter sentences and paragraphs.
  • Divide the content with images, infographics, and videos to keep it interesting. Nobody enjoys a long wall of text.

Web design company and SEO have traditionally been treated as separate aspects of an online business. However, the lines have become somewhat blurred. Well-designed websites provide a better user experience, which is becoming increasingly important in search engine optimization. It’s critical to understand that these two factors are now closely linked as both play an important role in keeping your website at the top of the SERPs.

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