October 1, 2022
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Top 5 Towel Radiators That Will Make Your Bathroom Cosier


Using a warm towel after a shower is one of the most luxurious feel one can wish for in this modern time. The towel radiators not only help you enjoy the cosy warm towel but also looks stylish in a bathroom. If you are looking for this perfect addition to your modern bathroom, this guide will help you know about the best towel radiators you can use to style up your bathroom and make it cosy.


Types of towel radiators

When you go shopping for a towel radiator, you may find a variety of options in the market, each varying in size, colour, style, quality and type. White towel radiators and chrome towel radiators are the most popular styles you can buy for your bathroom to add aesthetics to the bathroom. However, these all factors depend on your choice, but it is important to understand the types of towel radiators. There are 5 common types you will find on the market. Let’s discuss these types.

Electric towel radiator

Since not every home has a gas-powered boiler central heating system installed. The people with a central heating system opt for electric towel radiators. These radiators work by electricity supply and are wall-mounted. These are installed near the power supply. You simply have to plug in the towel radiator and switch it on when needed. Further, this type of towel radiator comes in the thermostatic option and non-thermostatic option.

Dual fuel towel radiator

The dual-fuel towel radiators are the most common type of radiator as they provide more convenience. The dual-fuel radiator is plumbed into the central heating and is fitted with an electric heating system. When the heating is on, the heating rail of the towel radiator will warm up. You can also use the heating element independently when the electric heating system is off. It comes along with a thermostat so you can turn it on and off when you need extra warmth.

Plumbed towel radiator

These are the most suitable towel radiators if you have a standard heating system in your home. Most people have a conventional hot water central heating system where the boiler is connected to the thermostat. It heats the water, and the water gets pumped around the pipes of your home. If you have this type of heating system in your home, the plumbed or standard heated towel radiators are good for you. You only have to connect it up to your central heating system, and the hot water in the radiator will keep the towels and your bathroom warm and cosy.

Contemporary towel radiator

It is a common misconception that the heated towel radiators only work with the contemporary style bathrooms. Well, this is not the case for everyone. You can choose between contemporary and traditional styles depending on the theme of your bathroom and your preference. The contemporary towel radiators are the rails that are perfect for your modern home and can suit any bathroom of your home. The modern designs in these radiators come in different finishes and features, such as the rings on which you can hang your towels. You can find a variety of designs and styles depending on the colour scheme of your bathroom. The common colours available in the contemporary towel radiators are grey, white, black and chrome.

Traditional towel radiator

If your bathroom has a traditional vintage theme, you may wish to opt for the traditional style towel radiator. Some of these styles are inspire by the old-style cast-iron radiators. These towel radiators have enamelled columns and look more classy in the bathrooms with a traditional look. These radiators come with both electric and gas options so you can choose the one suitable for you. You can also find wall-mounted and floor-standing options, depending on the space available in your bathroom. The wall-mounted option is ideal if you have a smaller bathroom with less space on the floor. However, you have to ensure that the wall is capable of holding the radiator because the traditional radiators can be heavy. If there is more space in your bathroom, you can go for the floor-standing radiator. Several designs serve as multifunctional equipment. You can use their rails to dry or warm up your clothes.


Towel radiators are the perfect addition to a bathroom because it does not only add extra warmth and cosiness to your bathroom but also keep your towels warm, clean and safe. There are several types of towel radiators. Each comes in a variety of styles, colours and designs to help you choose from a wide variety of options. Know that you know about the types of towel radiators and also know how to buy these for your bathroom; hopefully, your buying experience will be great.


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