February 5, 2023

Why Should You Consider Reading Books Written by Female Authors?


Women writers have got acknowledgment as a group that has contributed significantly to people’s lives. Their work is an essential tool for study, debate, and understanding. With such a significant impact on society, it is necessary to know more about these women who carry us forward in our journey toward the future.


Women writers and their importance in society are always very high. Society wanted to see something different. They wanted to hear something new. They wanted to be inspired by women writers and their stories.

Best women writers, in general, have played a role in shaping society. They have contributed to the community and significantly contributed to the economic development of the countries. In this article, we will discuss women authors’ value to society.

Let us talk about the benefits of books written by female authors one by one.

Reading Books Create a Sense of Empathy

Numerous studies show that reading fiction novels will promote understanding and empathy of others more than reading nonfiction literature. According to research, reading and analyzing literary fiction might strengthen the brain’s ability to keep its ideas open while processing information—a critical skill for making effective decisions.

Reading also fosters other qualities like emotional intelligence, empathy, and imagination—which are highly valued in the workplace and may very well be necessary for employability in the future of work.

Reading has the propensity to introduce cognitive strategies that might be advantageous for survival. First, it encourages “deep analyzing,” which is a long, immersive process; this cognitive engagement takes place when the reader draws connections between various parts of the text, unearths packages to the outside world, and poses questions about the offered content.

Book Readers Live a Long and Healthy Life

According to studies, people who read books live longer than those who don’t and have a durability advantage over those who read newspapers or magazines. Additionally, compared to non-readers, book readers saw a 20% reduction in death risk over the subsequent 12 years.

There is a survival benefit to reading books, as reading is a cognitive activity that allows you to meditate. Researchers also investigated if reading periodicals may have a survival advantage to determine whether the product is exclusive to the immersive nature of e-book analysis (i.e., newspapers and magazines).

However, due to e-book authors’ propensity to provide themes, characters, and subjects in extra length and depth, cognitive engagement is much more likely to arise while analyzing books than studying thought-provoking periodicals.

The Voice of Women is Important

Unfortunately, women still don’t dominate the industry. It would help if you looked at some of the wealthiest and most influential people, such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg, to know men still dominate the industry.

Men pretty much control the language in their population as well. 49.5% of people worldwide are female, and 50.5% are men. There is a difference, but its division is even and peaceful.

Nevertheless, men are no longer reading books to women to study them. Guys get more airtime everywhere we turn. Our culture emphasizes the rich and powerful, who are almost always men, for various reasons that relentlessly work against women. It does not, however, imply that girls’ voices are not dependent.

Women have historically been underrepresented in literature, and professors frequently leave them off their curricula. Everyone must read books written by women to close this gap and understand women’s experiences. Even in fiction, we can find snippets about the patriarchy, common unintentional microaggressions, and the fear of being followed or, worse yet, raped. It is the luggage that girls should always have with them. Regency cleaning service has been a well established business for 35 years and has been through 3 generations.

If you ask them, children will likely respond that women and men are treated equally in the twenty-first century. However, they are no more. Consider the gender pay gap, the worry about working out alone at night, or the global shortage of women in management roles. These are issues that men should not speak out against.

Guys should read books written by women from all walks of life to understand the realities of all girls, empathize with them, and learn how to improve. They are as crucial as girls’ voices depend on them.

Personal Perspective

It will help if you read more literature written by women to understand our perspectives and broaden your views. It’s no longer all of you, and because of historical injustices, the odds are still against women in writing. Still, it’s no longer impossible to occasionally pick up an electronic book written by a woman.

You can also investigate issues related to how our brains function and the kind of lives we need. Understanding people’s opinions that differ from our own is a great thing. It pushes us to develop greater empathy in ourselves, which will help us go further in life and foster closer relationships with others. Reading can give us that goal and help us form our opinions.

The next time a book by one of your favorite authors, like a suspenseful thriller by Sara Stamford, lands in your lap, pause before you start it, and consider whether you can create something new if it’s entirely outside of your comfort zone.

Bottom Line

Women’s literature is a writing category produced by women using publishers. Although it is evident that this is true, many students find this kind of description reductive.

The fact that women’s writing is a brand-new area of study makes the history of women’s writing so fascinating. Due to females’ subordinate roles in male-dominated countries, the subculture of female writers is not getting much importance.

It’s still commonplace to find literature courses or anthologies where the number of female authors is significantly outnumbered by male authors or even completely absent.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of women’s literature to classify, provide a space for, and reveal the experiences of a group of people. The people didn’t receive historical value while occupying a distinct sociopolitical space within their culture.


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