Sherry Rooney 2022 (John Aniston) Biography

Sherry Rooney 2022 (John Aniston) Biography

Sherry Rooney (nee Chambers) (April four 1992-September 14th 2015) become a formative years friend of Anakin’s. She become born on April 4th 1992 to Jackson and Ashley Chambers. Sherry has a crush on Anakin and vice versa. During her basic years she went to high school with Anakin. She handed away a yr after her wedding ceremony due to an infection.


Sherry turned into born in Green Bay Wisconsin on April 4th 1997 to Ashley and Jackson Chambers. While she was a toddler her mom determined out her daughter is autistic and could freak out if there had been fireworks close to by. At the age of 9 Sherry met Anakin Rooney who was born four months earlier than her inside the identical year. During her thirteenth birthday her emotions for Anakin were given more potent and would rest on his shoulder and he knew at that time she likes him. After Anakin moved to North Carolina he heart become really broken and she or he would not depart her room and her dad and mom tried telling her she will be able to see him once more. After 6 years she reunites with Anakin after his mother and sister died in a aircraft crash due to turbine failure. After being homeschooled she went to Ridgewood to attend her newcomers 12 months with Anakin. Sherry calls Anakin her satisfactory pal and asked him if he likes a certain girl (her). She is very shy around Anakin as showen in Sherry-A-Rooney whilst she asks Anakin if she should sleep on his shoulder at the way home from school and he could relaxation on her head showing that he honestly likes her. Sherry has often wore Anakin’s jacket while she were given cold in college. After excessive school she went to OSU with Anakin and after college she got engaged and married to Anakin. Sherry late changed into recognized with most cancers and only had days to live though she did not make it through the night as she handed away at 24 years old causing Anakin to go insane.


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