October 1, 2022

Pacman 30th Anniversary | Gift Options Like Marriage Anniversaries


These days sending gifts to people has become easy. With the use of the latest technology, we can place orders for a particular gift. The gift is delivered to the home by online services provided by some websites.  Oye Gifts is one such website where you can explore exclusive gift options available here for sending to your friends, family, etc. You can send chocolates online by just clicking on the best option. You can also send anniversary flower bouquets to your friends and relatives. There are options available regarding the combination of articles. Let us explore some of the best options available:


Pacman 30th Anniversary

The creative crazy bouquet-

this is a special type of bouquet made of Red roses and big leaves. The base of the bouquet is a glass pot which supports the leaves and the stem of Red roses. The rose is arranged in groups of three into horizontal and vertical lines alternatively. Two to three types of green leaves are used to decorate the bouquet. This is a special bouquet which you can give to your friends, relatives, or other people on their like  marriage anniversaries.  

The roses surprise – Pacman 30th Anniversary

this is a beautiful Red roses bouquet prepared and wrapped inside a red outer covering. This bouquet is mesmerizing and looks  amazing. This is the authentic Red roses bouquet which you can give to people on their like marriage anniversaries. Receiving this is a pleasant surprise to people. Pacman 30th Anniversary

The mixed flower bouquet – Pacman 30th Anniversary

if you want to give your people something unique and creative then this is a perfect choice. This is a beautiful bouquet made up of a variety of flowers. The flowers are also of a different colour. The yellow and white gerbera flowers, the pink and red rose flowers along with green leaves are a pleasant surprise. The outer covering is of yellow wrapping which makes the bouquet attractive.

The colourful blend basket – Pacman 30th Anniversary

this is a beautiful elegant basket in purple. The unique style of creation of this bouquet is praiseworthy. The basket is attached to a handle in a circular path. Purple flowers are attached such that they cover the entire basket and its round handle. A beautiful bunch of yellow roses is placed in the centre. This entire arrangement is breathtaking at first sight. This is a unique bouquet you should give to your loved ones. Pacman 30th Anniversary

The surprise of roses in different colours along with sweet chocolates-

this is a beautiful bouquet which is formed by a collection of roses in yellow, red, pink, and white. Along with the roses, there are small leaves with tiny white flowers arranged in between them. A big box of Cadbury celebrations is also available with this bouquet. This is a beautiful bouquet to gift on anniversaries.

The perfect heart-shaped bouquet – Pacman 30th Anniversary

this is a beautiful bouquet which is in a heart shape made of Red roses. The roses are arranged in closed vicinity such that no space is seen. This is perfect for gifting to your partner on your marriage anniversary. You can also gift this beautiful bouquet to your best friends and buddies on their anniversaries.

Dairy milk bouquet – Pacman 30th Anniversary

this is a special bouquet which is a collection of dairy milk in a cute little basket in purple and blue shade. The outer covering of the basket contains a beautiful flower created by cloth attached to it. This is perfect for gifting on anniversaries.

The Ferrero rocher bouquet – Pacman 30th Anniversary

this is a beautiful bouquet which contains flowers made of cloth inside which Ferrero rocher chocolate is placed. It looks like flowers contain embedded gem of Ferrero rocher. The flowers are yellow in colour and the outer covering of the bouquet is a baby pink.

There are multiple options of chocolates and flowers available. You can either gift them individually or order them in combination. We also have a special bouquet of chocolates for anniversaries.


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