September 25, 2022

Is Sleeping On Latex Mattress Really Healthy or Toxic?


Are you really concerned about mattress toxicity? You should if it’s chemical-manufactured or a too bad quality mattress. Sleeping on an old and poorly damaged mattress can be unhealthy too. Yeah! Whatever the case, the mattress can be toxic and even healthy, as it depends on care.


What is your doubt if sleeping on a latex mattress is good or bad? It depends, as told above. If you have a natural latex mattress, you can probably have a healthy sleep for years. However, if your mattress is made of synthetic latex, it can be toxic and bad for your health.

Let us give you a deep read about latex mattress toxicity below in the blog;


Why Natural Latex Mattress Not Synthetic Latex Mattress?


A natural mattress is 100% pure and comes from the sap of rubber tree, and is used as the mattress. Thus the risk of toxicity is zero. Such natural latex mattress won’t give off gas which is healthy for years. The synthetic latex mattress is prone to chemicals, so they can give off-gas issues after years and thus can be toxic too.

When we talk on 100% natural latex mattresses, it’s of two types Dunlop and Talalay. In fact, natural latex mattress is durable, soft, and ensures maximum comfort. Such pure latex mattresses are free from fire retardants and chemical-based foams and are obviously eco-friendly. It even keeps body temperature balanced and gives healthy sleep.

Synthetic latex mattresses are being manufactured with a chemical-based process and fumes. The most common chemical used is polyurethane which helps in binding latex foam together. Within certain years synthetic latex mattresses give off-gassing, which can affect people with breathing issues and skin sensitivity.


Does Latex Mattress More Toxic Than Memory Foam Mattress?

Buying any mattress can be a choice and budget for individuals. However, there is a difference between them both.

Memory foam mattresses are high in polyurethane and other chemicals, but natural latex mattresses are 100% pure and toxic-free. Synthetic mattresses can be harmful to health like memory foam, of course. However, bit a small amount of chemicals are used in them. The comfort and durability of memory foam mattresses or latex mattresses also vary due to the manufacturing process and material quality.

The Advantages of Sleeping on Natural Latex Mattress:

  • Truely hypoallergenic mattresses are pure and natural. Thus good for skin sensitive and breathing issue sleepers.
  • Keep dust mites away and antimicrobial mattress, so there is no risk of bed bugs.
  • Provide perfect comfort and support to the body.
  • Healthy to give proper sleep in any posture and provide spinal alignment.
  • No off-gassing and toxicity.
  • Easily adjustable to body shape, ensuring maximum comfort.

The Bottom Line:

Natural latex mattresses are nice to give healthy sleep for longer, whether you are a back, stomach, or side sleeper. We hope now your doubt about latex mattress toxicity is clear. So if you want to buy a mattress this summer peak, check for Sleepwell Latex Plus Mattress. Visit the authorized Mattress Dealer in Delhi and get a variety of options for high-quality mattresses. Explore Sleepwell Mattress Dealers in Delhi and discover the options the brand offers for customers for healthy and comfortable sleep.


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