March 22, 2023
Instagram Poll Ideas

Top Six Instagram Poll Ideas: Boost Your Engagement and Reach


6 Instagram Poll Ideas That Will Boost Your Engagement and Reach

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Instagram Poll thoughts initially:

  1. Ask your supporters’ viewpoints on another item or administration.
  2.  Make tension and energy for another item drop or collaboration.
  3.  Drive individuals to your blog entries or recordings.
  4.  Look further into your devotees’ online entertainment propensities.
  5.  Make an intuitive game.
  6. Use recent developments and mainstream society.


What Are Instagram Poll Ideas and Why Do They Matter?

Instagram added the surveying component to Instagram Poll Ideas Stories in October of 2017. Survey stickers can be added to your Insta story recordings and photographs, comparative emoticons, and area labels.

Surveys permit you to pose your supporters an inquiry and see the outcomes progressively. They’re a connecting method for associating with your clients and discovering their perspectives and inclinations.

Instagram surveys assist with further developing commitment because:

They’re intelligent: Instagram surveys are a tomfoolery and intuitive way for your devotees to draw in with your substance.

They’re valuable: Your surveys can be utilized to accumulate criticism from adherents on subjects like item inclinations or occasion arranging.

They’re not difficult to utilize: It requires a couple of moments to do a survey and add it to your story.

They’re outwardly engaging: Adding a survey sticker will add life to your Stories and catch the eyes of your supporters.

The most effective method to Use is Instagram Poll Ideas

Adding surveys to your Instagram stories has different business advantages and uses and ought to be a piece of your Instagram promoting technique. Why?

Since surveying your clients through Instagram Poll Ideas is a simple and practical method for directing statistical surveying!

 There are various innovative ways of utilizing the surveying component to gather information on your leading interest group. The most widely recognized strategies are: instagram poll ideas

Accumulate criticism: Using surveys to accumulate input from your Instagram supporters is an extraordinary method for understanding what they need from your image and where you can get to the next level.

Get thoughts: Get thoughts from adherents on what they might want to see you post about, as well as any open doors for new items, coordinated efforts, and advertising points.

Advance challenges: Promote challenges by requesting that adherents vote on their number one passage. This is a phenomenal method for sending off new items.

Declare news: Instagram surveys can be utilized to report information, like the arrival of another item or administration. or “who’s prepared for this?”

The most effective method to Create an Instagram Poll Ideas

The best way to make an Instagram survey is through your Instagram Stories.

Follow these means to survey your story:

Open the Instagram application and tap the + symbol at the lower part of the screen to make another story post. instagram poll ideas

Then, you’ll have to transfer a photograph or video, or you can set your experience to be a plain tone or slope.

Shift focus over to the highest point of the screen, and you’ll see the Stickers Icon on the right, close to the Text Icon. You can likewise swipe up to get to the Stickers menu.

Inside the Stickers menu, select “Survey.”

Enter an inquiry for your survey and alter the text on the two sides (or keep the yes/no as a default).

Distribute your survey

As individuals vote in your survey, their reactions will progressively appear under the inquiry. To see every one of the votes up until this point, swipe down on the screen while watching your survey.

A couple of things to remember while making Instagram surveys:

Keep your inquiries quick and painless

Instead, clients would not invest a great deal of energy in responding to your survey question.

Keep away from open-finished questions. If your crowd isn’t coordinated to some response, they probably will avoid your survey.

Ensure the outcomes are not challenging to see. Instagram Poll Ideas shows the survey results as a bar diagram, so make sure your inquiry is understood and straightforward.

Use pictures, recordings, or gifs to go with your survey. This will assist with catching your adherents’ consideration and lift commitment.

Normal Instagram Poll Formats

Surveys open up a universe of plausibility. You can ask anything you’d like, yet a few inquiries will get preferable commitment over others.

Indeed or No

Keep it basic with a Yes or No style survey. “Indeed” and “No” will be the default replies in your survey when you first add them to your story. These are an excellent method for getting a fast heartbeat on your crowd’s sentiments about a likely point or item. instagram poll ideas


A This or That survey is great for igniting interest and reducing your crowd’s concentration. Consider running a “versus” style crusade for two or three of your items, or use it as a method for directing severe exploration.

Would You Rather

Would You Rather question present two situations where your crowd should cast a ballot? These surveys are incredibly captivating because they’re tomfoolery and tap into the creative mind of your devotees. Make sure your situations are understood and compact! instagram poll ideas

Emoticon Slider

Emoticon Sliders (at times called a Reaction Sticker) are one more survey style you can try out. To put an Emoji Slider on your story, you should choose it in the Stickers menu rather than the Poll sticker.

 The Emoji Slider permits your crowd to rank their delight in something on a sliding scale, with the “heart eyes” emoticon addressing their advantage.

6 Instagram Poll Ideas to Get You Started

  • Ask your devotees’ perspectives on another item or administration

An extraordinary method for checking interest in new items and administrations is surveying your supporters with an “Either” or “Yes or No” question.

 Grandstand pictures of two of your impending items and request that your devotees vote on which they are generally invigorated for. If you’re advancing another assistance, you can likewise pose inquiries like: “Could you utilize this?” or “Would you say you are energized for the following huge thing?”

  • Make tension and energy for another item drop or collab

One of the more sharp purposes for Insta surveys that we’ve seen is utilizing them to create a whiz around an item send-off or mark coordinated effort.

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Here are a few thoughts for building tension with your surveys


Is your image collaborating with a powerhouse for your next crusade? Make a survey requesting that your supporters think about the thing you’re dealing with together. You could have a giveaway or challenge [link to giveaway thoughts blog] for individuals that surmise accurately.

If you’re doing brand cooperation for an impending item, give a holler to the brands you’re working with within your Instagram Poll Ideas survey questions. Sephora has used this technique to assemble publicity for upcoming articles.

Share an excellent picture of another item and ask your supporters, “Would you like to see more?”

  • Drive individuals to your blog entries or recordings

Insta surveys are an extraordinary method for directing people to your blog entries, recordings on TikTok or Youtube, or other computerized media. Utilize your surveys as a “snare” for your next article, and suggest a conversation starter that will leave your supporters needing to find out more.

 For instance, assuming your most recent blog is on the “Main 10 Fall Styles for 2022,” you can ask your adherents their go-to styles. In the lower part of the post, incorporate a source of inspiration that expresses something like “Snap here for some new fall design thoughts.” Then embed a connection sticker that leads back to your post. instagram poll ideas

  • Dive more deeply into your adherents’ web-based entertainment propensities

Are you hoping to do some statistical surveying to develop your web-based entertainment further promoting? Go directly to the source and ask your supporters.

Run a survey asking what their number one elements are on Instagram, how they invest their energy on the application, and how they utilize their Instagram representation. This is a free method for social event priceless understanding on your leading interest group, while likewise furnishing them with happy. That is a shared benefit in our books! instagram poll ideas

  • Make an intuitive game

This is one of our #1 choice on this rundown. Who doesn’t cherish a decent game? Make a game through your surveys by requesting that supporters vote on the following stage in a progression of posts. Utilize imaginative symbolism and inquiries to fabricate a story your devotees will put resources into.

For a phenomenal illustration of how to do this, look at the “Pick Your Own Adventure” style presented on the market another time of Stranger Things. The Story posts involved surveys as a way for supporters to direct characters through a small Instagram Poll Ideas experience. instagram poll ideas

  • Use recent developments and mainstream society

Few out of every odd post on your story needs to relate to an item or administration straightforwardly. Likewise, virtual entertainment ought to engage your crowd and associate your image with their way of life. One method is to use surveys to examine recent developments connected with your specialty.



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