August 7, 2022
How to Wash Your Dog Properly

How to Wash Your Dog Properly?

Pollution, dust, impurities, allergens… So many elements that dirty and irritate your dog’s coat. To ensure good hygiene for your pet and keep its coat clean and shiny, it is important to clean it regularly with suitable products. How to properly wash your pet? What dog shampoo to use?

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Washing your dog: everything you need to know

To wash your dog in good condition, some useful information should be known. You should also keep an eye on the embedded fully ticks on dogs so that you can easily manage to get rid of them by using a tick remover for cats.

How often should I bathe my dog?

The number of grooming varies according to his type of hair (long or short) and his lifestyle. The ideal recommended frequency is once a month if he has long hair, or every two to three months if he has short hair. If your four-legged friend is too dirty or has an unpleasant smell, it’s a sign that a bath is necessary. Warning: too frequent washing with water is likely to cause irritation or itching.

How do I wash my dog ​​properly?

If he has long hair, brush him beforehand to untangle the knots. Once this step is completed:

– wet his hair and skin, starting with the paws, with lukewarm water. Test the temperature on your wrist if in doubt;

– apply the dog shampoo along his back, carefully avoiding his eyes and ears.

– massage his coat to lather the product. Don’t forget the neck, legs, and belly.

– respect the necessary break time (refer to the instructions for use of the shampoo).

– rinse thoroughly then dry your dog with a dry cloth.

If your pet is very dirty, two applications of shampoo are recommended. During the second rinse, be sure to remove all traces of the product. If the water is clear when rinsing, it’s a sign that your dog is clean.

What should I do if my dog ​​is reluctant to bathe?

If your dog isn’t used to the bath, he may be uncooperative. To make bath time a moment of complicity between you and him:

– gradually pour water along with his hair, encouraging him with a soft voice and stroking him to soothe him;

– give him a treat at the end of the bath to reward him. He will be less frightened during the next wash.

Good to know: it is possible to give a bath to a puppy. The sooner he gets used to washing with water, the easier this step will be.

What dog shampoo to use?

The pH of a dog is less acidic than that of a human, it is important to use care adapted to its needs. A baby product, even very soft, does not match his coat and may irritate him. Today there are many shampoos for dogs formulated to respond to different problems.

Liquid dog shampoo

In pharmacies, you will find liquid shampoos adapted to their age, their type of hair, and their needs. Soothing, nourishing shampoos, sensitive skin, short hair, long hair, white hair, or black hair… So many gentle and non-aggressive products that will clean your pet and bring softness and shine to its coat. There are also shampoos for puppies, specially formulated for their delicate skin.

Dry dog ​​shampoo

Dry shampoo is an ideal product for water-resistant, elderly, or convalescent dogs. It is also a practical alternative to space washes with water or when you are traveling.

This dog shampoo without water or rinsing exists in several forms:

– in powder: it absorbs sebum and dirt and restores volume and shine to the hair. To use it, sprinkle your pet’s body against the hair, massage it energetically and then brushes it after a few minutes to remove the excess.

– in lotion: it contains a gentle cleansing base to clean the hair while moisturizing it. It is used directly on local stains and requires no rinsing.

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