September 24, 2022

How To Save Money When You Are Studying in UAE?


Although Dubai’s towering buildings and white beaches scream of life of money and luxury, it might be a different tale for the city’s students. As a global leader in English language education, the United Arab Emirates has its fair share of students, all of whom are struggling to make ends meet. Fortunately, there are numerous methods to save money while you are a student in Dubai. We’ve got you covered on everything from hidden student discounts to avoiding banking costs. We have some great advice for students who struggle to save money.


Tip # 1 Get yourself a bank account 

Regardless of where you are from, taking money out of a bank account in your country of origin can be costly. Every time you withdraw money from an ATM, you could incur a fee of a few dollars because there is frequently a premium on card charges. Having a personal bank account in the new nation that will temporarily serve as your “home” enables you to avoid extra fees imposed by foreign institutions. And it is also good for saving money because when you will have the cash you will spend that on useless stuff or food but when you have an amount in your bank account you will think before using that.

I know now we can easily use money whether it is in cash or a bank account but the account is like you have to do a proper processor then you can spend your money so you will think twice before spending your money. You can ask a counselor for assistance with the advantages provided by various banks to make sure you choose the most affordable option that enables you to send and receive money worldwide.

You can avoid these owing you to make cuts fees by opening an account with a nearby bank, all when necessary. Fortunately, as a student, you should have both identification documents to create an account in the United Arab Emirates. Create a local account to save money while you are spending money!

Tip # 2 Eat home-made food

When opposed to eating out, consuming nutritious home-cooked food over time will result in fewer medical costs and less suffering. Compared to restaurants, you’ll use less oil, salt, and sugar when cooking. It is also good for your health because when you eat daily food outside you will start getting sick it is really bad for you because you are far away from your home there will be no one who can take care of you so you have to mentally prepared for everything, you should eat homemade food it is easy to cook normal food items or it less costly.

You can get daily use essentials monthly so you don’t need to worry about daily food, If you don’t know how to cook so you can easily make basic food items or can take fruits with them it will save your health.  You’ll probably utilize more whole grains, veggies, and fruits that are organic.

Tip # 3 Use a student badge for free discounts 

Whatever way you look at it, attending college doesn’t come cheap. You pay much less for education than the average student because you haven’t taken out any student loans (or at least paid them off early). Not to add, you always stick to your budget and have studied our recommendations on how to save money on education and make money while in school. Although digital discounts are great, some aspects of life still take place in the physical world. So what kinds of in-person services (and services that are offered in the physical world) qualify for student discounts?

Tip # 4 Create your budget

Making a budget at the beginning of each month is one of the greatest methods to keep track of your finances. Write out your complete income on a sheet of paper and divide it among the expenses you have, such as tuition, living expenses, books, course materials, food, entertainment, and everything else that comes to mind. Making a budget is really important you can make a budget at the start of the month can manage all the expenses for a whole month, it will be easy for you to manage and to remember all the things that where you spend your money. Set your monthly budget and try to adjust that amount to your basic needs essential. 

Once everything is written down, split the budget approximately into many parts. Don’t forget to keep a savings area for the money you wish to have on hand—every student needs to have some money on hand in case of emergencies. Visit our next suggestion if you don’t know what you’re spending your money on and it disappears like water.]

Tip # 5 Invest in digital Apps

When you’re a student, it can be challenging to find time to sit down and read a book, especially if you’re trying to keep up with all of your reading requirements. Audible can be useful here. It gives you access to audiobooks that have been expertly recorded on just about every topic you can think of. When you’re in the gym, walking to class, or taking the commute to school, you can listen to them. You can reach out to different dissertation writing services in Dubai that can help you select the best digital app possible. 

Tip # 6 Nightlife

When you suddenly find yourself independent, it seems to sense that you’d want to take advantage of it by getting out and seeing everything that Dubai has to offer with your friends. However, it is well known that Dubai is not at all inexpensive. Going out every weekend will add up over time, so check out your university’s events before trying out new bars and cafés. The majority of universities have social events like movie nights, bowling, and other activities that are significantly less expensive and occasionally even free.

All these things can be enjoyed once you can get help from the different assignment writers near me. These people are specialized to help guide you on saving money as well as help you make the most of the time while saving money at the same time. 



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