December 3, 2022
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The Brief History of Logo and Logo Designs | Understand The Importance


A logo is one of the most essential and integral parts of the business world. They primarily act as the face of a company and create the first impression of an organization. Thus have a persuading effect on the viewers. Every business owner would want their customers to make up a positive image of the brand. To do so, designing a good logo is a necessity. 


Amongst the whole world, logo design Australia stands the best in the design market. However, graphic and marketing teams together design a significant logo. As professionals, they showcase the motto of a brand better. They look forward to creating an elegant and unique design as it is a need for the success of an organization.

As you know, a logo is a vital and pivotal asset of any organization. The one question that comes to many people’s minds is where the logo originated, and who first used it. So let’s start with when people first used logos.

The Origin of Logos:

The earliest logos are said to be from the 13th century, from the times of the Reeks and Romans. In those times, stamps on money were the faces of the emperors of that time. Whereas artists used their names as stamps on their art pieces. However, these weren’t perfect logos, but they did provide a source of identity. Hence, they were the inspiration and foundation of something revolutionary in human history.

This article will take you through the years, from century to century. The years described are 1800, 1900, and 2000.

The 1800’s:

Most research and discoveries in the human era started in the early 1800s. Along with a  lot of revolutionary steps, great inventions started to happen. Moreover, among these revolutions was the famous industrial revolution. 

The industrial revolution completely changed the way logos were looked upon and used. Furthermore, as the industrial revolution took over, many people started to invest in industrial businesses. 

In those times, raw materials were the prime source of production of goods and the formation of products. As you know, every good comes with some difficulties. This revolution was no different. The great industrial revolution lacked identity. 

Many industrialists faced problems in getting their goods the identity that they deserved. Thus, they came to a solution for this problem: to make logos a part of their businesses. 

Acting as a messiah for the business tycoons back then in the 1800s, companies designed their brand’s logos and sold their goods under them. It provided them with the solid identity they deserved. 

In addition, they believed that humans respond better to visual stimuli. As a result, by using the assistance of the color theory, logos were set up.

Note: Color theory was that the red color provided a certain dignity and class. Thus based on this, in 1876, Brass Brewery designed the first logo.

The 1900s:

After a century, the year 1900 saw a change in how people used logos. Back then, in the 19th century, logos became a symbol of power more than being used as an identity. 

Moreover, in the 1900s logo was an advertising tool to help shoot the business to new heights. Not only this but symbols were used by parties and political leaders to showcase their power. 

One of the most notable examples is the infamous nazi logo that symbolizes power and hatred. The nazis had a red, black, and white theme with two lines crossing each other to show their power. 

However, this wasn’t the only use of the logo in the 1900s. Some companies did spontaneous advertising through logos. An example of this is the Coca-Cola brand. They branded their logo with red featuring Santa Claus.

If you realize, now the only color people imagine about Santa is red, which automatically advertises Coca-Cola. Hence, it is a source of spontaneous advertisements. 

By the 1900s, logos got a reason, a motto, and a power. It was more than a symbol of identity in those years. It meant something as it went through evolution all these years and got the status it deserved.

The 2000s:

At the beginning of the 20th century, the designs of the logo changed. However, ornate designs changed significantly. Moreover, cubism, pointillism, and expressionism took over. 

In the early 2000s, there was a demand for pointy and edgy logos that were not basic. However, aesthetic good taste is required to design them. Thus, many modern logos, like the half-bitten apple logo, was considered new and unique. It provided an uncommon aspect of it. 

Moreover,  not being a perfect whole apple gave it diverse aspects. Thus, consumers found it unique. As a result, the sales of their product increased massively. As of now, the famous apple logo is a symbol of class, money, and power. This is the perfect example of how a logo impacts society.

Why is Logo Important?

As we have previously described how logo design has changed over the years, so did its importance. Back in the 1800s, only a few people used logos only so that people could recognize different businesses. 

Over the next 100 years, several business people started to make logos a part of their business. And now, in the 2000s, people invest in making the best logos for their firms. 

It is natural to think, why do people pay too much attention to logos? Well, the answer is that a logo reflects the moral values of a brand. Moreover, a good logo reflects professionalism. As a result, a brand attracts more buyers. Thus, helping it makes more profit. 

Another reason a logo is important is that now consumers have started to expect it. A brand with a logo looks real. Those brands with no logo representing them are not well-known among customers. Thus, to gain the customer’s trust, a logo is a necessity.

Furthermore, people only provide an attention span of a few seconds. If you want to secure customers, you need to design a logo that meets society’s aesthetic standards and should be original. However, if you cannot design one yourself, we suggest hiring a professional because a poor logo can lead to the brand’s failure.


A logo is the most vital aspect of a brand. You need a logo to let people recognize you. Remember, people will not forget a good logo easily. Thus, you need to design a good logo to set your ground. 

However, there are more modern ways to promote business. Good logos have been a practice for almost 200 years ago. However, the logos in the old time were less modern than today. One of the most exciting aspects of logo design history is that, despite its deep roots and vast chronology, so much remains open to interpretation—and it shall continue to unfold in front of our eyes. Moreover, people before that did not have proper logos but used symbols to differentiate. Thus, it is safe to say that the Romans also used logos. 

This article provided you with a brief description covering the past 300 years in the history of logos. If you need to know more about the history of logos, we suggest searching more about the history of logos. By doing so, you will also get to know how logos gained fame over the years and how they are essential for people who own or plan to set up a business.


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