September 25, 2022

Explainer: How is Paraphrasing Software Destroying Your Natural Writing Style?


Alas! Not many writers write about this critical topic frequently, but why? Ironically, we all know the answer. We all agree that this topic is completely subjective – and boils down to a “two-man army.” Two people from the same battalion are heading desperately in opposite directions. One takes a shortcut that could lead to the vantage point, while the other takes the long route to guide the people towards the haven.


Astonishingly, both reach the destination, but one in haste in vain while the other(s) relish perks and experiences on the way. And that’s exactly what we meant by our eye-catching caption today.

Guess what? Well, here’s the challenge that we all took today. And that is to not do a web search for writing down this topic. Today, we’ll keep writing, writing – and writing. After all, it’s good to see how far a person can go with whatever they have to fight till the last breath. Likewise, being a writer and writing a blog or a book is no less an adventurous survivor. And that’s what we’ve all learned while working in our trustworthy and professional ghostwriting company. Work hard and be true to yourself. It will solely benefit you!

Remember, writing is an art you must cherish with heart and soul. After all, not everybody has good writing skills. Before pride gets the best of us – it is a never-ending process of learning and getting better with each write-up. It’s like a painter’s painting or the famous Lucknow’s Chikankari embroidery. Besides, putting words into the perfect places makes you an equally good craftsperson.

Now let’s jump off the imaginative cliff to enter the topic terrains. Spinbot and Quillbot are two big names in the AI-powered paraphrasing world. Writers go nuts when they hear about them. But thanks to the likes of Copyscape and Turnitin that help clamp down on such “stubborn” scribblers.

Even though sometimes these squiggling hands and prying minds get past these writing detection tools. But the repercussions have already begun to harm them – inside out. In reality, they’re more detrimental in the long run.

Miserably, the person involved in the malpractice gets filled with guilt, awkwardness, and incense towards oneself when it’s all over! Enough with sentences and sentiments. Let’s see how using paraphrasing tools can injure your writing – and make them handicapped in the long run. Calm down; breathe in and out, and read below:

Paraphrasing vs. Plagiarism: what’s the difference?

Sometimes it is better to see things on a lighter note. So, now let’s see through a different lens. Over the years, the plague of “plagiarism” has gotten the best of even the ‘good and genuine writers. You might ask how? – well, it is quite an explanation.

So, trying to clarify this paradox will take time. But in simple words, it all becomes the blame game, i.e., no one’s sure who has written the original work! Yes, it is absurd but true at the same time. Plagiarism means to use someone else’s original work and regard it as your own. Indeed, this practice is pretty catastrophic, affecting the actual writer.

On the other hand, paraphrasing means rewriting someone’s work without the intention of taking credit for it. Facts and figures, for instance, are universal and cannot be reversed – and rephrased. We hope you’re getting the point here.

Is Paraphrasing illegal – or not? – let’s find out!

Yes, your excitement is inevitably certain, and so is ours as well. The truth is using paraphrasing tools such as the standard Spinbot, or the sophisticated Quillbot is borderline legal and illegal. It means that you can use it and not use it. Pretty weird to hear this oxymoron statement, right? But let’s break it down for you to make it “loud and clear.”

If you’re paraphrasing the original work you’ve done in the past that’s strikingly similar to a current project, voila! No one can stop you until and unless you’re doing it right – improvising, adding new details, and making substantial changes. Since it is your innate writing style and original work, there’s no harm in paraphrasing your past prized work. After all, you’ve done the hard work, i.e., squeezed your brains and flexed your fingers to see this day. Rise and shine – sunshine! Here’s another thought:

“Paraphrasing is akin to a website designer/developer using themes and templates. But guess what? – they’re someone else’s original work. But since they’re common and standard for a particular job, anyone can use them. For instance, it is illegal to copy Facebook’s layout or Twitter logos in their least bits.”

We hope your mind now sees the bigger pictures – of plagiarism and ‘PARAPHRASING.’ Good to see genuine writers feeling good and motivated to rise above and beyond. To the illicit improvisers, no ill feelings for you as you’re human. We hope you’ll cope with the shortcoming by defying your writing wrongdoings. Meanwhile, here’s an eye-opener for you.

1. Your Mind goes Mute

From day one, your mind starts to go numb and unwary of ideas and thoughts when you begin using paraphrasing software cunningly. Of course, you can use it for your original writing drills. But using someone else’s work is nothing but deafening oneself of their imaginative flair. Breakthrough concepts and dreams fly by without you knowing in a snap.

2. Creativity doesn’t come by often

Your brain stops receiving inspiration from outside, nor does your brain reveal you with larger-than-life ideas. It is the moment when you cannot grasp new-fangled philosophies. Surely, paraphrasing deceitfully conceals the barrier between you and your enlightening imaginations.

3. Your Writing knack begins to fade away

Say bye-bye to the once-amazing writing styles you did, like skidding rollerblades without a single drop. Truly, nothing causes heartache to writers than witnessing their wordsmith ingenuity decimating in thin air.

4. Inspirations don’t hit you hard anymore

The anguish won’t stop anytime soon. But you can pace up your improvement process by seeing things deeply. Have your perceptions and personality downright to catch the goodwill imagination breeze.

5. Writing Software makes you “ridiculously” clever temporarily

You might think you’re smart, but you’re not. What makes you one is how you do something good for yourself and don’t hurt someone else’s reputation. Imagine how the Rolex watch owner will feel if someone exclaims: “It was me all along that paved the way for the invention of the gentleman’s timekeeper.” Indeed, these feelings are unfathomable and unforgivable.

Final comments

Paraphrasing helps a writer save precious time while keeping the writing’s genetic makeup intact. But never use it for unlawful purposes, trying to fabricate someone’s words work using paraphrasing software.

Let’s close this topic with a lettering exercise for you guys. Disclaimer: we had to complete the captions below ourselves, but the word limit has a limit – not our imaginations. So, how about you try to put words under these hard-hitting headings? Here you go:

  • You drift away from a Wordsmith demeanor.
  • It feels like Writing on Steroids – but not for long.
  • Your Writer’s flair starts to vanish.
  • You become frantically possessive with your writings.
  • You don’t want to feel the urge to write anymore.

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