December 3, 2022
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Common Mistakes Every Online Learning Should Avoid


Online learning is like one of the most widely known term nowadays. It is what made working possible in the pandemic and ever since then, online learning has been widely popular. Even after the pandemic, online learning is being used a lot.


Also parents benefit educational method in plenty of ways. Studying with zero commute and no stationery is blissful. However, many students try to take advantage of it.

For instance, if I want someone to take my online class only because the cameras are off is wrong. Having necessary and justified reasons to hire online class help is a different thing. But taking privilege of the benefits provided is a misconduct.

While many think that online learning is a piece of cake, it can be actually a bit complex too. Let’s learn about some of the mistakes that people make while learning online.

Mistakes to Avoid as an Online Student

Not Being Equipped Properly

When taking an online course, it is important to acknowledge that time and work waits for none. If you have a system that is slow and you’re not properly equipped, chances are that you will be having problems.

If your laptop is slow or the screen is broken, you will have a really hard time in understanding what the teacher is saying just on the basis of the audio. Online learning requires you to have a laptop or PC with a power supply and batteries.

The speakers or headphones should be working fine and your video device must be working properly so that you are visible and audible if asked.

Being Connected to an Unstable Internet Connection

As technology advances, internet accessibility is not a problem anymore. However, it can become a hurdle when all the work and learning shifts online. There are different types of internet packages and they work according to the amount of time a device is connected to the internet router.

Having a stable internet connection makes the learning easier for a person. A common mistake is that people assume that internet connection would work perfectly fine even if there is the program they are using for learning online requires a lot of data.

Certain places are remote and isolated and people living in areas like these can experience network problems along with poor internet connection. To solve these problems, it is important to always have a backup ready before the tutoring starts.

Having a regular connectivity problem will result in missing of classes and courses. Eventually, the student might flunk if there is a connectivity problem on the exam day too.

Not Understanding the Course

Many people have started learning and working online. Many of them do not fully understand the course they are attending. Often times the name or the description of courses are simplified and looks very different. However, upon orientation and introduction to classes, the students get to know that the course offers a lot more than they had thought.

It is also important to understand that courses and certificates provide general knowledge and information about certain more topics than the selected criteria. It can either be very difficult to acquire for some or partially easy.

However, It is always important to pay special attention to the type of course you’re selecting. Read all the rules regarding the course and then consider whether you’re up for the course or not.

Often students result in looking for ways through which I want someone to take my online classes. However, understanding the course well can prevent you from finding others to attempt your classes.

Time Management Issues

One of the biggest mistakes that people make while learning online is managing time. The clocks ticks really fast when people are working. Same applies when it comes to learning online. Online learning can be limited to 1-2 hour each day but there is a lot of work left to be done after that. Just because you’re studying at home does not mean that you do not have any homework left to do.

Online learning requires a lot of hard work in understanding the topics and the teachers proceed at a rapid pace because they assume that you have had the entire time to study the topic. On the contrary, there are a lot of chores to do at home, which makes giving time to studies extremely difficult. A lot of the people learning online also have jobs online.

Sometimes, the job and the timings for the classes can clash and it leaves you tied up with no idea of what to do. To avoid situations like this, it is really important that you take up courses at times when you know you will be available. Also, you can set alarms and plan an entire daily schedule according to your timings. Cover the entire day’s chores easily.

Lack of Participation Due to Distractions

When studying online, there is unlimited access to the social media. It becomes distracting at times too because a student can easily see a lot of tabs open up on a single click. Many of the links for courses and meetings are shared on groups where students start communicating with each other and lose focus from the class.

Some students do not speak up in classes because they are anxious to speak up and ask questions as it would draw everyone’s attention to them. Asking questions through mails and messages is effective but often the replies are delivered late and it can be problematic for the learner.

There are also a few who just join courses to make friends, learn and spend time. At times students like these interact with the teachers and most of the online session progresses in their queries with the teacher and interaction with other students.

This does not leave a lot of time for those students who really want to ask a question. The common mistake in getting distracted is lack of participation. The lack of participation comes due to not speaking up. It is really important to show your individual presence in class from time to time.


In a nutshell, online learning is mostly easily and accessible all over the world. However, there can be a few day to day struggles that learners might come across. These hurdles can be due to some common mistakes they make like not having proper equipment or a stable network.

The student might have a problem understanding the course or dividing the time between their tasks. Issues can arise with participation too if the mind is distracted. None of these issues are those that cannot be solved. With a proper strategy in mind, online learning can be hassle-free. Keep learning!



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