September 25, 2022
phone call recording app

Phone Call Recording App For Implicit Monitoring of Employees


Is it ok to say that line between right and wrong is slowly diminishing in the world? People do things for their own sake in a selfish manner and then even try to justify it thinking that maybe everyone else is dumb enough to understand the situation. Skipping work early by lying to your boss to take care of your sick child is still a lie and corruption on your end. Similarly stealing money or even time is bad. No justification in the world can help you with that.  Stealing and corruption are common in daily work-life routines as

  • According to an estimate, employees are involved in 90 % of theft cases in North America.

There is stealing and a moral compass and then there is physical cash and money involved.  Any kind of corruption is illegal and forbidden.

  • 20 % of businesses are suffering from cash theft.

Many big firms and businesses even try to cover any spying or scandal as it raises the question of the company’s security, policies, and reputation. Thus to deal with such incidents in a more professional way it is necessary to keep every work-related employee under a strict eye every minute of the working hours. Now if you think it is impossible you are wrong as the use of an android spying app and features like a phone call recording app can do the basic trick for you. OgyMogy spy app offers features that can secretly help you watch the employee’s back without even letting them know. That way you can catch all the bad apples easily.  Here is how you can use a Phone call recording app.

Incoming and Outgoing Call log Alert:

You can record all the incoming and outgoing calls logged on the android device of your employee. You can check if anyone is stealing your precious time by calling friends and family during working hours.  Along with that, you can even know the work-related call record and any important meetings with clients, etc. In short, the phone call recording app gives you updates about all the call-related activities of the employee. Plus, you can keep a strict check on their activities and check out their work efficiency accordingly.

Follow Them Outside the Workplace:

Some employees are responsible for work that is outside of the workplace. That may include the drivers any delivery guys and special cases. The special cases may include any meeting with the client outside the workplace and more. With the help of the phone call recording app, you can simply monitor any employee even outside the workplace easily. In case you have an employee who likes to enjoy the long lunch breaks or tea parties then, you can simply listen to their important phone calls and what are they doing and even miss out by wasting the time.

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Save The Record:

The best part about using the OgyMogy phone call recording app is that the record is saved in the online portal. You can check any employee’s audio recording or call record details easily with time-stamped information.

Catch The Secret Spy:

The feature can help you catch any illegal activity or spy working right under your nose against you. You can even know about any secret conspiracy planning beforehand by having access to the phone record of the target employee.

Timestamped Alerts:

All the information is saved with timestamped information. It indeed can be used to keep a check on the target person’s suspicious activities at right time. The cloud-based service keeps the record of every incoming and outgoing call log and call details for the user. No need to worry about the safety and security of the recorded data as only one user can access the online portal of the OgyMogy spy app with the given information.

The selection of the app and installation is a very simple process. All you need to do is choose the bundle that offers relevant features. Follow simple steps to install the app. You need physical access to the target device for installation. Moreover, the important thing is that only company-owned devices can be used to keep a check on the employee.


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