September 25, 2022
Best Packaging for Your Product

How to Choose the Best Packaging for Your Product


Product boxes come in many different forms, so it can be hard to find the right packaging for your product.


Are you completely new to packaging designs?
Here are some tips and tricks to choose the best packaging designs for your product and make your product stand out from the crowd. You can follow these to kickstart the process of packaging your e-commerce products and retail business.

If you have a product, you’ve probably wondered about the best way to package it for shipping. The question might be specific to your business and it might vary from what you need now to what you might want later on – but if there’s one thing that will remain constant between those times, it’s that the design of your packaging is important.

Today, we’re talking about the right packaging designs: how to make sure that your customers will receive their products in safe and secure Best Packaging for Your Product with an optimal degree of protection so that product is protected during transit.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Packaging Designs for Your Product

Packaging serves as one important element of a product’s branding, but it can also serve other purposes. For example, it allows you to promote and showcase your product’s best features permanently. This is why packaging is an effective tool in marketing your product, a vital piece that’s typically remembered long after the moment when buyers initially made contact with your product or service. The trick to successful packaging is knowing what works best for each type of target audience.

No, it is not just something that protects your product. Packaging designs help a lot in making the product look good and feel like a premium one. It is one way to help a brand stand out from other products. It helps promote the features of the product while giving an experience to both the buyer and seller that can be remembered for whatever time they decide to purchase anything from you or also buy your services.

For many business owners, design packaging isn’t a top priority but it is something that they can’t afford to ignore. Packaging is the first thing that the consumer will see and touch. It will also be their first impression of your brand. If you don’t have a quality product, don’t waste your time creating a great design. However, if you have a quality product, you need to show it off. This can be done through your design packaging.

Before making the design for your product, keep these four points in your mind:

  1. Design the packaging keeping in mind the product and the consumer.
  2. The packaging material is durable and is made up of quality materials.
  3. The information on the packaging is accurate and easy to read.
  4. Choose the right packaging material.

So if you’re looking to sell more of your product, it’s only logical to spend time thinking about how you’re going to package it, as it’s an important part of marketing your product. Here are four common packaging designs that will help you create good Best Packaging for Your Product for your product.


Slotted also has a variety of different designs to meet the requirements of your project requirements

  • Regular slotted container (note that this is your most common, tried and true corrugated shipping box)
  • Half slotted container
  • Overlap slotted container
  • Full overlap slotted container
  • Center special slotted container
  • Center special overlap slotted container
  • Center special full overlap slotted container


  • Full telescope design style container
  • Design style container with a cover 
  • Full telescope half slotted container


  • Rigid boxes
  • Self-erecting boxes


  • One-piece folder
  • Five-panel folder 
  • Trays

Securing Your Packaging

Packaging is necessary because it’s what customers see right away and become the first appearance of your product. Therefore you want them to be as appealing and useful as they can be. This is why you need a good infill product that can pack tightly into your shipping box. It should use pressure and potentially cut off oxygen to keep your products safe during their long journey. We Systempack paper bag manufacturers in UAE take our time to choose the right materials to get the most value out of them while protecting your goods – keeping an eye on a budget but also durability when it comes down to providing the customer with a great experience.

  • Infill

Paper bag manufacturers in UAE are highly competitive in the market. The first thing to understand about infill is that it’s not an absolute necessity for every product, but only when it’s necessary, and the minimal amount possible is just enough to keep a product intact during shipping or otherwise. There is a paper bag manufacturers in UAE right now – a valuable source of revenue for the country as well as something that keeps many people employed.

The infill can be made from almost anything but we recommend opting for safer materials rather than non-biodegradable.

The most common forms of infill include:

Kraft paper Packing Infill: Kraft paper packing infills are strong, affordable, and versatile available in a range of different sizes. The Paper itself is thick enough to allow for heavy loads but also thin enough to ensure your boxes can be easily stacked and transported. We are the best paper bag manufacturers in UAE.

Bubble Wrap: Everyone knows what it is, but not everyone knows its uses for it. Bubble wrap can be a versatile product for packing and shipping materials. It can protect precious items in transit or serve.

Packing Peanuts: Packing peanuts are one of the least appealing packing material forms available. While bringing a high level of protection for your product, they are a pain to clean up, easy for children to swallow, and difficult to recycle. They also don’t stack neatly which can make them difficult to store.

Inflatables/Air Pillows: These plastic, air-filled bubbles have grown in popularity over the past decade (not surprisingly with the rise of eCommerce). They are super light and offer excellent protection. This helps keep both shipping and return costs low.

Molded Pulp: One of the first things you’ll notice about molded pulp is just how sturdy it is. It’s going to take rather a lot to damage this kind of best of packagingand is a good option if your wine bottles are prone to be knocked over.

Molded Styrofoam: Unlike its cardboard cousin, molded foam is not so easily recyclable. But it does offer excellent protection for fragile items during transit.

Shredded Cardboard: Not as widely used as other infill forms, shredded cardboard is a decent alternative to molded cardboard and styrofoam. ​ Shredded cardboard gives you some flexibility in best of packaging your products, not being as rigid as those options with their thicker bodies.

Crinkle paper: Perhaps the least used of your basic infill types, crinkle paper is often reserved for specialty or custom packing. While it’s messy to clean up, it does add some nice aesthetic appeal and texture to a package. Crinkle paper is highly recyclable- as part of your brand’s lifestyle image, this could be a good option for you. Another advantage? Crinkle paper is quite inexpensive!

Additional Infill Options: The System pack paper bag manufacturers in UAE have a huge range of cardboard inserts that are increasingly popular with lifestyle brands and want to showcase their product sets. GreenWrap is a combination of tissue paper and biodegradable die-cut Kraft paper cut into a honeycomb pattern!


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