September 25, 2022
Integrating Access Control

Benefits of Integrating Access Control Into Building Automation Systems


Companies can integrate issues of security, safety, and Integrating Access Control with building automation. Integrated with Houston video surveillance, fire alarms, and access control systems, a well-engineered building automation system can provide comprehensive protection for your facilities and employees. You can enhance your operations and security with a combined building automation and access control system.


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Gather Information

Building automation can help you collect data on the movements of your employees and other visitors to your facilities by integrating your Integrating Access Control system with it. You can use integrated automation to manage safety issues and ensure the most appropriate positioning for Houston video surveillance cameras and other components. When you collect information on how your employees and guests use your building, you can more effectively deploy your resources to protect these areas against unwanted intrusions and other risks.

Your Building’s Effective Control

Access control and its synergies offer more opportunities for automated management than you might think. Control of lighting and air conditioning can be achieved by integrating systems, limiting access, and integrating occupancy flags.

Control system

Access control Swipe card is used by the executive, but this cost pales in comparison with improved energy conservation and modern style of the tenancy or building. Staff, visitors, contractors, and clients will be impressed and want to visit. There are many indirect benefits of installing a modern control system, and these benefits shouldn’t be underestimated.

Enhanced Safety

By connecting your Houston commercial fire alarm systems to your building automation and access control systems, you can ensure the safety of your workers and the fastest possible response time for fire safety personnel. Integrating Access Control systems can also provide you with clear information about any staff members still inside your building and assist in rescuing these individuals from dangerous conditions inside.

Improved visibility

It can be used to improve the visibility and transparency of your site operations, creating a data source showing where potential losses are and where operational improvement can be made; for example, car park access and board room access, and light, fan, and air conditioning control can be optimized together for an “in use” scenario rather than relying solely on a time and date scheduled. Only when the room is accessed will the air conditioning and lighting be activated, thus reducing the amount of energy used in unoccupied rooms.

Improved Security

You can also detect unauthorized entry to your facilities or secure specific areas within your building by connecting your security systems, Houston video surveillance, and Integrating Access Controls. Thus, you can ensure that your business premises are as secure as possible and protect your property and people as fast as possible.

Energy Savings

Lighting in your building consumes a great deal of energy, and much of it is wasted in areas that are not occupied. When you employ an automated lighting system, your company can save up to 30 percent on annual lighting costs. 

You use a sophisticated network of occupancy sensors, scheduling devices, and occupancy controls to turn off the lights in unoccupied areas automatically. The scheduling of an event can include times of the day or night, and it may also include the locations outside of your building, such as exits, ramps, walkways, parking lots and garages, loading docks, etc.

Total Control

As part of your security system, building automation systems can also be used to give you access to advanced products and technologies. The technology used in surveillance and intrusion detection utilizes RFID scanners, digital video surveillance, CCTV, biometric scans, lighting controls, access card readers, as well as smoke and toxic gas detectors. In short, we ensure your security system is customized to meet all safety requirements, in addition to assessing your property for vulnerabilities and breaches. Having peace of mind knowing that your property is thoroughly protected by management system technology is one of the best advantages of managing your property this way.

Damage Prevention

Another key benefit of using integrated and automated security is to ensure that risk and compliance rules are being followed. A Security Manager can be alerted to any potential problem as soon as it arises, as well as get simple and accurate reports regarding previous incidents.

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