October 1, 2022

All You Need To Know Regarding Composite Decking


Composite decking is among the most widely used decking materials in 2017. For homeowners wishing to remodel their backyards, this sort of material made from layers of wood and plastic—offers a low-maintenance choice. Quick to build and available in a variety of colors, komposittrall are made to look like real wood. It’s understandable why more people than ever prefer this type of deck over more conventional choices like pressure-treated or cedar decks given its many advantages. Here are some aspects concerning composite decking that you should be aware of.


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What is composite decking?

The materials used to create composite decking are wood and plastic. It normally has three layers: an inner core made entirely of natural wood in most cases; two outside layers made of high-pressure, UV-stabilized polyurethane or PVC that guard against water damage. This kind of material provides homeowners with low-maintenance backyard solutions without compromising the beauty they want to see when they return home from a long day at work. vad är komposit and how can I install it? The procedure of installing composite decking is simple; it can be completed in as little as one hour every 12 square feet, and you won’t need to worry about sanding or painting your new deck because composite decking already has colors that won’t fade over time from exposure to sunlight.

outdoor composite decking

Why ought composite decking be preferred over other materials?

Homeowners favor composite decking over other choices for a variety of reasons. The material is resistant to dampness and insects, so you don’t have to worry about rotting or mold damage. As long as they are utilized in accordance with the manner in which they were intended to be used, these composite decking boards also have a lifetime limited guarantee covering cracking, splitting, and warping of your surface. Additionally, this style of deck is an excellent choice for do-it-yourself projects since it can be swiftly erected and often lasts twice as long as cedar decks.

Advantages of Composite Decking

The low-maintenance nature of composite decking is only one of its many advantages. In contrast to some other materials, composite decking doesn’t need to be painted or stained since they already have a natural wood grain and a color that won’t fade over time from exposure to the sun. When connected in accordance with the constructer’s advices. A lifetime limited guarantee covers material flaws brought on by ordinary wear and use. It gives homeowners wishing to invest in their homes considerable peace of mind. Plus, when you build your new deck. And you may select from a variety of colors to complement the style you want for the year. Earthy tones or brilliant solid hues? All depends on you!

A New Composite Deck’s Installation Procedure

deck installation

A new composite decking is easy to install and takes only a few hours. If you need to cover 200 square feet, it will take a maximum of two hours because it usually takes an hour for 12 square feet. the following steps:

  • Remove any current ground cover, such as grass or gravel, from the area.
  • Before setting down concrete pavers, prepare the surface by leveling and compacting loose dirt using heavy machinery (if necessary).
  • To reduce messes during installation, arrange vinyl sheets that have been trimmed to fit the perimeter of your project.
  • When installing panels, place plywood boards on top of each sheet, ensuring that they overlap by one inch at all seams. This will provide further protection against water damage.
  • Plywood should be covered with composite panels in the appropriate pattern.
  • Before repeating with the following layer up the stack, fasten every other row with panel clips and overlap all seams by one inch to minimize warping brought on by unequal weight distribution.
  • Use screws or nails to affix any trim elements or railings that you wish. After installation is complete, it’s crucial to protect your deck to prevent it from becoming wet and supporting the spread of mold. DIY projects don’t have to be difficult to do!

Maintenance advice for your new composite deck

Your new deck needs frequent upkeep, so make sure you do it. Here are some pointers:

  • To eliminate any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on the board, it’s a good idea to clean your composite surface with a mild soap and water solution.
  • Apply an anti-fungal spray in accordance with the directions on the bottle if there are areas where mold, algae, or lichen growth has developed as a consequence of exposure in shady places without regular light exposure—for example, corners—for optimal results.
  • Make sure the surface is always dry to prevent warping and other damage from moisture accumulation over time! This can be accomplished by raking up leaves before they drop from trees in the winter, when rainy weather is common. Your deck will continue to appear brand-new thanks to this for years to come!

Water resistant Decking

water resistant decking

The creation of composite wood involves a variety of ingredients. The woods used to create them are typically the same ones used to make timber, but they are combined to boost their strength and hardness. Another name for it is engineered wood. Various materials, including wood, plastic, and straw, are used to make composite wood. Adhesives hold together the combined fibres and fragments of various types of wood. A veneer is frequently placed to the exterior of composite wood to enhance its appearance. Composite outdoor flooring is frequently used to create furniture, cabinets, sheathing, floors, and siding. They cost less than hardwood and can withstand the elements after being painted or coated.

Pool decking 

A deck might be advantageous in some areas with high moisture levels. like beside a lake’s deck or a pool. The amount of time between storms makes it difficult for the deck to dry out, even in areas with little standing water but a lot of rain. Decking could experience a lot of moisture.

Composite wood decking has two advantages, including low maintenance and mould resistance (new tab). But is outdoor composite flooring water-resistant? Would composite wood decking absorb water if submerged in water for a long time?

Despite being water-resistant, composite decking is not watertight. Outdoor composite flooring will absorb water if submerged or left out in the rain for an extended period of time.


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