September 25, 2022

A Guide to Growing Your SaaS with SEO


Getting the word out about your SaaS company isn’t a simple task.


SaaS marketing strategy development is basically a multi-faceted process that necessitates a variety of tasks.

‘SEO’, or search engine optimization, is a critical component of that.

However, how does an SEO strategy for SaaS products look like?

Our next guide will focus on this topic

We’ll focus on the following:

Exactly what is SaaS SEO?

How crucial is SEO to a company’s success?

In addition, there are four SEO pillars that might assist you expand your SaaS site.

Let’s get this party started, shall we?

What does SaaS SEO stand for?

The technique of boosting the amount of organic traffic that comes to a website through a variety of content marketing initiatives is referred to as SaaS SEO.

This requires achieving high positions in the Google search results and establishing a reputation as an authority figure online inside a specific market segment.

The problem with the software as a service (SaaS) industry is that the market is already starting to become oversaturated with brands that dominate the majority of the several SaaS categories.

And he is absolutely correct in the sense that SaaS companies are upending conventional businesses on a massive scale and are gradually filling up previously unoccupied market niches.

Therefore, regardless of whether

  • Link building
  • Email marketing
  • Revenue acceleration
  • Social intelligence

and many other submarkets, it is proving exceedingly challenging for newer software companies to connect with the people who make up their ideal customer base.

In contrast to the majority of digital marketing channels, search engine optimization (SEO) companies offers small business SEO packages opportunity to develop by acquiring new potential clients.

Even brand new SaaS products have a chance at gaining meaningful organic awareness if a real content marketing strategy is put into place. This strategy should include activities such as comprehensive keyword research, material of a high quality, link building, and other similar tasks.

This demonstrates that SEO has the potential to be an important factor for any and all SaaS companies.

Let’s get more in-depth with this topic.

How Crucial Is Search Engine Optimization for a SaaS Company?

As was noted earlier, search engine optimization is an essential component in the expansion of a SaaS company.

Does this imply that producing a few high-quality pieces of content and establishing a few backlinks is sufficient to achieve one’s goals?

In no uncertain terms, no.

Does this imply that SEO is the most effective method of growth for each and every sort of company?

I’ll say it again: absolutely not.

To begin, it is difficult for search engine optimization to be successful for a SaaS company that is operating in a market that is still relatively young.

Because there won’t be many people searching for that category online, metrics like organic traffic and domain authority will continue to be low. The purpose for that is as follows:

For instance, Drift was the firm that first introduced the concept of “conversational marketing” in 2015. At that time, it would not have been prudent for the SaaS company to engage on SEO.

Just take a look at the search volume history for the keyword as reported by Ahrefs.

As can be seen, the demand for the phrase increased from zero to more than one thousand searches each month in a period of less than five years.

This demonstrates that search engine optimization (SEO) was not the greatest choice for Drift when the volume was zero, in contrast to the situation presently.

Second of all, although SEO has the potential to work marvels, it is impossible for it to be successful without support.

It is essential that it be linked with other marketing measures, such as pay-per-click advertising and digital public relations, which will boost the visibility and reliability of a website in the eyes of searchers as well as Google.

To give you an idea, Gong is the preeminent software as a service (SaaS) provider in the market for revenue intelligence.

In spite of the fact that it presently receives 33.8K monthly organic visitors for 31K organic keywords, it is possible that this wouldn’t have occurred if it hadn’t received 4.3K referring domains, which helped it acquire a domain rating of 75/100.

Additionally, the company’s paid marketing activities unquestionably contributed to the website’s increased visibility over time.

Overall, when SEO is utilized in the appropriate manner and at the appropriate time, it has the potential to truly accelerate growth for a SaaS company.

The company has been successful in achieving significant organic growth, which has contributed to the company’s total expansion.

To be more specific, the 1.9 million in organic search traffic with a traffic value of $1.1 million have helped Visme reach over 4 million customers without receiving any funding from outside sources. This was made possible by the high-quality blog content that was combined with other content marketing actions.

Do you find that impressive?

Even though we’ve talked about SaaS SEO quite a few times up to this point, we still haven’t gotten into the specifics of what it entails.

Let’s have a look at the cornerstones of a successful online business, which should be familiar to every single one of you.

Keep in mind that technical SEO is something that should primarily be concerned with larger websites that have sophisticated architectures. As a result, if you run a SaaS firm that is just starting started, we recommend putting your attention first on producing excellent content.

You shouldn’t worry too much about technical SEO in the early phases of your website’s development as long as the foundations are in place. This includes difficulties regarding basic discovery, crawling, and indexing.


The conclusion is as follows.

That brings to a close our comprehensive guide on SaaS SEO and how you can use it to the expansion of your own company.

Although it is not an easy procedure by any means, and even the majority of SaaS SEO services are unable to master it, it is essential to gain an understanding of how it operates and some fundamental strategies to put into practice for better improving sales performance.


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