A great last-minute Christmas present – a handmade gift jar

Gift giving is the arduous task of pleasing your loved ones with attractive and enchanting presents that are thoughtful with an element of surprise. Though this task seems minute, it can be one of the most nerve-wrenching processes for most people. Seasonal greetings of the yuletide festivities must be captured perfectly with thoughtful gifts for your loved ones.

Just a few days left before Christmas, and all of a sudden, you realize you need to grab a few more gifts for your friends and family members. Should you make a frantic dash to the mall and fight with everyone else over the last few affordable and decent presents? If you are anything like me, that idea does not sound appealing at all.

It sounds like a task that is bound to end up in a disaster. So after a lot of soul-searching for good gift ideas, you realize handmade gifts are the best and have a deeply emotional connection associated with them. What if you could make a personal gift from scratch instead of purchasing something off the shelf that your friends and family will adore receiving? Something like a handmade red roses bouquet and other components such as Christmas cake, soft toys, chocolates, cookies, etc.

Redefining handmade gifts

Usually, when we hear the term “homemade gifts”, we think of sweaters knitted with love by grandmothers or those patchwork quilts your favorite aunt makes for everyone. At best, it may involve a picture frame with a collage of family photos.

There can be a different option too. For a great last-minute Christmas gifts, you can put together the following gift suggestion on Christmas Eve, and the best part is that your recipients will love and adore it!

Unboxing Christmas Presents suggestion

So what is this big “Mystery Present”?

It is called a ‘gift in a jar, and the basic idea is to fill up a decorated mason jar with some baking or cooking mix.

Blend a hot chocolate mixed with cocoa powder, sugar, powdered creamer, and some spices, and fill up the Mason jar for only three-fourths. Top it off with a layer of miniature marshmallows.

Create a simple label with specific directions on how to turn this yummy mixture into hot cocoa by adding some warm milk.

This was, of course, just one of the many edible gift jar handmade mixture options listed here. There are many other significantly creative ways to go about it when it comes to making something handcrafted.

You can also mix the dry ingredients of your favorite brownie or cookie recipe. Or, instead of mixing the dry ingredients, layer them in the jar for an even more visually stimulating appeal. Remember to add a card with the recipe and instructions on how to turn this mix into a yummy batch of brownies or cookies.

You can add cake mixes, dry ingredients for your favorite soup or chili, or even create your own spice or dry rub mixes and pour them into small jars.

Another popular handmade gift-in-a-jar option would be some homemade jams or marmalade. Next, cut a piece of soft lacy fabric into a square that overlaps the lid of the jar by at least an inch. If you have a pair of those fancy serrated scissors, use those to give the cloth a triangle-shaped edge. Centre the fabric over the closed lid and secure it by tying a ribbon around it. Along with this, as an element of presentation, you can place the gift jar inside a charming paper bag, add some colourful papers or even add some of your favorite blooms or petals from reliable flower delivery services and other miniature elements such as cards and soft toys.

It is all about presentation.

Write a recipe card and poke a little hole in one corner. Thread another piece of ribbon through it and tie it around the Mason jar. That is it! Your gift in a jar is ready.


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